Practicing Giftwork

Two of our GO BIG team members recently attended an all-day learning session from Great Place to Work. One lesson they learned was the positive act of managers who practice “giftwork” versus being transactional in interactions with staff. A behavior of giftwork is practicing generosity in our interactions with one another. This could take form in showing care for team members in their personal lives, communicating how one made critical departmental decisions, or earnestly investing in their professional development. Jessica Rohman from Great Place to Work states that “Practices that go above and beyond have the employees’ best interest at heart; they are less transactional, and are instead rooted in a genuine sense of respect and caring for employees.”

Giftwork increases the level of trust in any organization. As you may already know, trust is the foundation for any great workplace to thrive.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.00.48 PM

Here are 3 ways to practice giftwork today:

  1. At your next 1:1 with your staff members, state the positive impact that they have on the team. 
  2. Write a genuine, specific thank you note to a team member that you appreciate. Perhaps give them a small treat or token of appreciation that you know they would like.
  3. Read one of the giftwork articles below and share with other staff in your unit. 
    1. BONUS! Have a discussion at your next staff meeting of how you can collectively (as a team) practice more giftwork with one another. 

Read more:


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