Renewing our Energy


How many times have you felt exhausted, just in the past week? Worked through lunch? Read so many emails and multitasked that you lost your train of thought?

In order to push through, did you continue to work? Perhaps grab a cup of coffee at Cafe Milano? Stopped by Sheng Kee to get a pastry?

The Energy Project wants to change the way the world works by “intentionally investing in meeting employees’ core energy needs; [as a result] organizations can fuel sustainable high performance.” In the end, their hope is that workplaces are “healthier, happier, more focused and more purposeful.”

The core energy needs are as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 4.50.53 PM


  • Physical Health: the foundation–sleep, working out, nutrition and daytime rest and renewal
  • Emotional Happiness: how people feel is ultimately how they perform
  • Mental Focus: energy that is spent between big picture and tactical thinking
  • Spiritual Purpose: serving something larger than ourselves.

In order to be at our best, the Energy Project explains that when we expend energy, we must also renew our core energy needs. As humans, we are not built to be robots or computers. Sounds simple, though we challenge you to think about how you are renewing yourself in these four core areas. Think about it: if our energy is depleted and we continually push ourselves to the point of exhaustion, how are we showing up for our students and for one another as colleagues?

Let’s start creating a culture where we intentionally refuel our core energy needs and be an example to those around us.

Challenge of the Week: commit to renewing at least one of your core energy needs in the week ahead.

Bonus Challenge: reflect and discuss with a colleague of how that has changed how you show up at work!




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