It Starts With You! Join the Movement.

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We are only FOUR DAYS away from our first Community Conversation centered around our vision for an even greater future workplace! Watch this short video to learn more about what Community Conversation 1 (CC1) will entail!

We have planned for a fun, engaging, and motivational event where we hope that all walk away feeling inspired to join the movement and create communities of action. A large part of the day will be spent discovering our organizational values together that will help us reach further for our aspirational culture:

“Student Affairs is a great workplace where staff trust the people they work with, take pride in what they do, and feel a sense of community in support of the student experience.”

So what is the importance of having organizational values and living by them?

Gary Peterson, CEO of San Diego based company “gap intelligence” stated that organizational values are “the heart of your culture.” If an organization hires based on values and guides people’s behaviors, values help guide us to the type of culture we envision.

Finally, CC1 is continuing to look towards our aspirational vision to enhance our future workplace culture. Infamous co-authors of The Leadership Challenge Kouzes and Posner state that focusing on the future sets leaders apart. 

In their research over the past 30 years, they have asked individuals what they admire and look for in a leader in order to willingly follow. Second to only the value of honesty, the quality of being forward thinking ranked extremely high for what sets leaders apart from the rest of the crowd.

This is YOUR opportunity to help lead us to the workplace culture we want to create. It starts with you. Be a part of the conversation….we hope to see you on October 5th! If you cannot attend, please join us for our one-hour walkthrough events that will be held on November 18. We will show a highlight reel from CC1; all participants will engage in an activity that spotlights our current “culture stars” in the Division and what behaviors they do that is aligned with the values identified at CC1 and the follow up survey.

For more information on Community Conversation #1, check out our website. You’ll find resources and inspiring videos that will keep you a part of the conversation and join our community of action!


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