Let’s Continue the Conversation: The Road to Trust, Pride, and Community


All photos courtesy of Amanda Blauvelt.

Culture tunnel. People cheering and high fiving. Lively music in the background. Reflecting mirrors. Selfies and usies. Community passports. The Azaad Bollywood dancers. And 4 MC Hammers to bring the house down!       Go-Big-Community-Conversation_13







This was all within the first 30 minutes of our Student Affairs Community Conversation 1 (CC1)!

This past Monday, October 5th, 2015, the Clark Kerr Campus buzzed with excitement and anticipation of what awaited. Our CC1 participants listened to an inspirational keynote talk from Great Place to Work CEO Michael Bush. He touched upon the importance of trust, recognition, and building meaningful relationships in the workplace–and that managers and staff want the same exact things.


From there, participants broke up into smaller teams to identify strategic organizational values that would help lead us to our aspirational culture: “Student Affairs is a great workplace where staff trust the people they work with, take pride in what they do, and feel a sense of community in support of the student experience.”

In the afternoon, 160+ participants voted for their top 3 values from the passion pitches they heard from their colleagues. (There were 9 total values that arose from the small team activity.)



  1. HONESTY/INTEGRITY: 101 votes
  2. EQUITY: 64 votes
  3. COMMUNICATION: 63 votes
  4. TRUST: 58 votes
  5. ACCOUNTABILITY: 48 votes

Our next step in the process is a series of 1 hour Walkthrough events. The two Division-wide walkthroughs will be held on November 18th at 10-11 a.m. and 2-3 p.m. in Unit 1 for those who were unable to attend CC1. We will discuss our culture stars in the Division and what behaviors and actions they exhibit to bring these values to life.




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