A Manager’s Way to Pride, Trust and Community

Front row in the middle: Norton Mitchell

Front row in the middle: Norton Mitchell

Last month, we shared lessons learned from Adela Rodriguez, RSSP Custodial Supervisor at Unit 1 on how she models the way to Trust, Pride, and Community. This month, we would like to feature another shining example in the Division of Student Affairs, Norton Mitchell, RSSP Operations Manager for Unit 1, Channing-Bowditch, and Ida-Jackson House Apts. He was nominated as a “Culture Star” by 3 GO BIG staff team members, Marney Randle, Kun Yang and Lance Page. Always with a big smile on his face, Norton goes above and beyond to help students and staff at his job everyday.   

What we learned from Norton:

Unit 1derful

Norton asked me with pride during our chat:“Do you know our name is Unit 1derful?” “When people come to Unit 1 or call us, they always believe that someone is here to help them. Instead of saying no, our staff find ways to help them one step closer to their goals” Norton continued, “Branding is important. You need to bring brand back in a new fresh way for it to be recognized, just like the Old Spice commercial!” Norton takes pride in what he does. When he receives a request, he takes the time to do it in the moment. “If we all value the work we do and trust each other, we can achieve anything as an organization.”

Trust the people you work with.

Credit people or you will lose their trust. Trust people and they will trust you and stay with you. They will make sure you are successful. If they must go due to other reasons, they will send others to help you. As a result, a lot of people are trying to get in Unit 1derful, but not many people want to transfer out.”

Be responsible for the information you give to staff, but be honest.

At Community Conversation 1, CEO from Great Place to Work, Michael Bush, said that we are all adults who can handle difficult situations, so be honest with us. This really touched Norton’s heart. “Let people know the decision or change is in the best interest of the University and they will understand.”, said Norton. As a supervisor, he is honest and real to his staff. He gives them context, not just a piece of information and communicates with them constantly to the best of his knowledge.

Share your appreciation.

Norton believes that a little “Thank You” goes a long way. He is always sharing his appreciation with his staff.

If you care about others, they will care about you.

As a manager, Norton demonstrates care to his staff. “If you care about others, they will care about you.” He said with a smile on his face, “your staff know how to do their job. If their supervisor cares about them and they feel empowered, they will be more engaged at their job.”

Build relationships and start conversations.

Community is important to everyone. It is all about building relationships and getting the conversations started. “I am not the only one thinking here.”, said Norton. He always presents his ideas to his staff and asks for their opinions. When his staff need help, Norton does in moment coaching instead of waiting until performance evaluation time. He believes in helping his staff in need and propelling them to success.

This is Norton Mitchell, who is proud of his work, trusts his staff, and creates a sense of community in his workplace. Norton and his team provide each student with an excellent experience at Cal. Thank you, Norton for being a “Culture Star” and a shining example for your colleagues at Student Affairs.

Unit 1derful

Unit 1derful

* Photos provided by Norton Mitchell


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  1. Steve Sutton · October 22, 2015

    Way to go, Norton!! Nice photo, too!


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