The Results Are In…

values behaviors

220+ Student Affairs staff have spoken about what behaviors are needed in order to fully live our discovered values of communication, honesty/integrity, and respect. Here are the top 4 results for each value (feel free to check out our full results):

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.06.15 AMCOMMUNICATION

  1. Consistent, open and honest (157 votes)
  2. Clear expectations (118 votes)
  3. Collect input and data needed at all levels of the organization before making decisions (81 votes)
  4. Bring/find solutions with a positive attitude (76 votes)

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.59.24 AMHONESTY/INTEGRITY

  1. Lead by example (133 votes)
  2. Build honest and respectful communication (132 votes)
  3. Build positive and respectful relationships (120 votes)
  4. Take responsibility to solve problems (112 votes)


Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.03.54 AM.pngRESPECT:

  1. Accountability/follow through (110 votes)
  2. Be inclusive and respect cultural, ethnic, and other identities (103 votes)
  3. Be transparent and honest (99 votes)
  4. Equality (treating employee equally) (83 votes)

We are at a critical time of where we are in the process of discovering our values, identifying behaviors that define how w”live” them, which in turn allows us all to have a common understanding of what is important to promote a healthier and caring workplace for staff. Selecting key behaviors also helps in identifying workplace culture concerns our colleagues have and how we can address them as a community. This in turn can help teams start and/or continue to share about their experiences at work.

Here are some ways that you can start putting our values and behaviors into practice starting today (special thanks to the GO BIG team for their suggestions!):

  1. Authentically acknowledge where each team member is at; discover what is challenging them, and how the team can help. Some of this may not necessarily relate back to work. Each person can have the opportunity to share how they feel as a whole person and an opportunity to resolve challenges together.
  2. If you’re a supervisor, ask how living the behaviors identified can help the team by making their jobs easier; decide which behavior you will focus on as a team to better support relationships at work.
  3. Ask a colleague a simple question such as “How can I help?” This can go a long way, especially during challenging times. 
  4. Use the values and behaviors to guide decision-making processes and then share the explanations – the why – behind those decisions 
  5. Commit to reflecting on values and behaviors as a regular part of your interactions with colleagues. Give shout outs to colleagues who model the values and behaviors that will help to build our culture.

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