Focusing on Our Local Community to GO BIG

The GO BIG movement and efforts to create a great workplace for all staff in Student Affairs have been a part of our culture for the past 2+ years. Throughout this process, we have been intentional to practice our engagement principles to widen the circle, create communities of action, connect people to each other, and promote fairness. In order to know what was needed for SA staff to have pride in the work they do, trust the people they work with, and feel a sense of community, it was necessary to bring a collective perspective and discover our shared values of communication, honesty/integrity and respect. We are proud of the work and efforts done thus far. These conversations, interactions, and practices have grounded us and provided a north star, even during the challenging times.


Moving forward, we are “going local” within our various Student Affairs teams and communities by partnering with leaders and managers in individual units. Student Affairs Learning & Development, with support from the GO BIG Staff Initiative team, will help and consult with in tact work teams to create effective actions for staff based on needs, as well as apply our shared SA values and aspirational goals specific to their work environment.

Checking in on Our Communities

On Friday, May 13, we hosted a Community Check-In with colleagues from across Student Affairs. Folks came together in a facilitated safe space to share their concerns about the impact our current budget situation has on our division, and ways to work together.

We know that individual teams and communities have varying experiences in the workplace. L&D and the GO BIG team want to continue to support and meet the needs of our managers and staff; we invite you to reach out to us.

Here are a couple of things that you can do starting today to focus in on your local SA community:

  • If you are a manager or supervisor, ask your staff how the team can continue to practice our values of communication, honesty/integrity, and/or respect in the daily practice of how to successfully get work done. For example, how can we improve communication to gain clarity of tasks and roles? How do we treat colleagues with respect on collaborative projects? How do you best practice honest conversations, while still maintaining positive relationships with one another?

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