Toss Some Confetti in the Air

Recently, the Student Affairs executive team sent out an email message to the division celebrating ‘A Year of Student Affairs Achievement’! We also received an invitation to our 6th annual Student Affairs Thanks to You Celebration which is scheduled on Friday August 12th, 2016 from 11:30am-2:30pm.  


It’s critical to take time to celebrate our workplace accomplishments—both big and small. Celebration can get easily overlooked as unimportant or unproductive in the face of existing pressures and deadlines, but it is imperative.

Research shows that celebration shapes culture and that celebrating as a group is important because it:

  • bestows a sense of belonging and fulfillment
  • allows us to relax, rewind, and have our stresses fall behind
  • reminds us of the purpose of our work and the power of our relationships
  • improves our productivity, loyalty, motivation, and job satisfaction
  • keeps us happy and energetic
  • reaffirms our belief that we are all one big community
  • helps us forge deeper relationships
  • reinforces desired behaviors

There are many events worth celebrating as well as methods of celebration.

Events to celebrate: completing something the team sacrificed for, achieving a key metric, individual awards, office changes, retirements, project kick-offs, milestones, completions, the beginning of or end of a busy season, an employee, team, and/or organizational achievement, etc.

Methods of celebration: gifts, parties, decorating cubicles, fun games or contests, a traveling trophy, plan a “Friday surprise”, etc.

Here are three things you can start doing today to celebrate successfully:

  1. Brainstorm a list of what you can celebrate with your team
  2. Determine how to celebrate by asking the team what they value
  3. Take the Frequent Recognition and Encouragement (FRE) Manager Self-Assessment from the book ‘Profit from the Positive’ to determine how much you use recognition and encouragement today to help keep your team engaged

Erin Wixson, Senior Organizational Consultant




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