Cal Dining Culture Spotlight

Hi Student Affairs. We want to share with you a brief story about a team that is building pride, trust and community in their workplace! Cal Dining provides meal service to approximately 33,000 customers on an average school day. They accomplish this miraculous feat with 350 career employees, roughly 400 student employees and a whole lot of teamwork.  

In fall semester 2015, Jennifer Garcia, Training Coordinator for Cal Dining attended the National Association of College & University Food Services customer service training institute where she started developing the concept of a customer service “recipe for success”. Customer service, described in recipe format, requires specific high quality ingredients added at the right time and mixed together well to create a best in class customer experience.

As a trainer, Jennifer liked the idea of using a recipe as medium for communication and training with Cal Dining staff. It is memorable, has mass appeal, and is relatable and translatable to all staff. Jennifer shared this concept with Samantha Lubow, Environment Initiatives Coordinator, who recommended designing a chocolate bar label that displayed Cal Dining’s customer service recipe. Not only would this be a great training tool, but also a gift to say thank you, we appreciate you, and we recognize your contributions!

Please watch the following video to learn more about the result of this initiative:



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